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In need of safe and effective bird control? Springvale homes and businesses trust Bird Proof Solar for affordable solutions.

Investing in solar energy is a great way to save money and create clean, renewable energy that is better for the planet. However, the location of solar panel installations often leads to a pesky problem – birds! Birds, especially pigeons, like to nest around and under panels and this can lead to many problems. Fortunately, there is a simple solution: Professional solar panel bird proofing by our expert team. To learn more about our high-quality mesh bird netting, Springvale locals should get in touch with us today.


The Problem with Pigeons and Other Pests Around Solar Panels

Solar panels provide an attractive nesting spot for birds of all kinds. In addition to the mess they create, if birds roost on your solar panels for too long, you may experience some of the below problems:

  • Reduced solar panel performance and efficiency – birds can damage the wiring on your solar panels and interrupt the flow from the panels to the board.
  • Expensive, long-term damage to panels – bird droppings are corrosive, and if left to build up can cause permanent damage.
  • Health hazards – birds carry lice and infectious pathogens, which can cause serious problems for humans. When birds nest on your roof, droppings can enter your roof cavity, which can quickly turn to a dust-like substance and spread infections to anyone in the home.
  • Other pests – droppings and nests may attract other unhygienic and damaging pests such as mice, rats, and cockroaches.

Our service makes it impossible for birds access the area under your solar panels and deters them from coming back. Our bird-proof system will maximise the life of your solar panels and keep your roof cleaner, and your home safer. To find out more about our deterrents and bird repellent, Springvale homeowners can reach out to us online or by calling 0455 476 555.


Protect Your Solar Panels Today

For professional bird control, Melbourne relies on us. That’s because we are the trusted local experts with the knowledge and experience to help safely remove birds and ensure they won’t return again.

  • Fast and effective bird control solutions.
  • We utilise a variety of bird deterrents, repellents, and bird spikes. Springvale is home to many different bird species, experienced in the local area we can recommend a bird control plan tailored to your needs.
  • Affordable and reliable service, carried out by licenced professionals.

Get a free quote online now for bird proof mesh, solar panel cleaning or bird trapping – Springvale residents will not be disappointed by our service or value!

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