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Looking for safe and effective bird control? Craigieburn homes and business rely on Bird Proof Solar for affordable solutions that maximise the lifespan of solar installations.

Roof-mounted solar panels provide a safe and secluded spot for pigeons to nest and roost, and once they arrive it’s incredibly difficult to get them to leave. Nesting birds under and around your solar panels bring a vast array of unwanted issues such as the spreading of disease, noise from scratching and squawking, and most alarmingly, the degradation of your expensive solar system. To find out more about bird deterrents, Craigieburn locals should get in touch with our team today. We are the specialists in the area for solar panel bird proofing and bird repellent. Craigieburn is one of our many service areas, get a quote online now to protect your home.

The Importance of Protecting Your Panels

Solar power is the ideal alternative source of energy for many Australian homes. Providing reliable power, significant cost-savings, and cleaner energy, solar is a smart investment. However, without adequately caring for your solar panels, the amazing benefits of solar energy will quickly diminish.

Birds can decrease the efficiency and performance of solar panels – Droppings, dirt, and debris that build-up on your panels will impact on their ability to effectively generate energy. This will decrease performance, and effectiveness, meaning that you won’t be getting the most out of your investment.

Birds can damage your solar panels – Birds can cause permanent damage to both the exterior and interior components of your solar panels, ultimately ruining your system. Droppings are highly acidic, which can cause erosion to wires, and even damage the surface of your solar panels.

Are you worried? Bird proof your solar panels before the problem arises!

Our simple and cost-effective bird deterrents will ensure maximum longevity and efficiency of your solar panels – we utilise stainless steel mesh bird netting, sprays, and bird spikes. Craigieburn homeowners can rely on us for to stop pesky pigeons from damaging their solar systems.

Safeguard Your Solar Panels Today

As the leaders in Bird Control, Melbourne households trust us for fast, safe, and affordable service. Being proactive about bird proofing will ensure your solar system continues to perform at its optimal level and provide you with all the benefits that you expect.  As experienced pest controllers, we can also combine solar panel proofing with solar panel cleaning to completely remove birds and their mess, restoring your panels back to their best.

If you would like a quote for professional bird proofing, solar panel cleaning or bird trapping, Craigieburn locals can contact us on 0455 476 555 or get quote online now.

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