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Bird Proof Solar is a leading supplier and installer of high-quality bird repellent and bird deterrents. Caroline Springs homeowners rely on us for effective solutions and affordable rates.

The local choice for bird control. Caroline Springs is home to a vast array of bird species, and this abundant birdlife can cause significant issues to homes with solar power systems. Providing a warm, shaded, and sheltered space, the area around solar panels is an attractive nesting spot for pigeons and birds of all kinds. If you have made the investment in solar, it’s vital that you look after your solar panels with professional solar panel cleaning and install safe and effective bird control measures including spikes, mesh, and bird netting. Caroline Springs homes with solar panels need our services to ensure optimal solar panel efficiency, performance, and longevity. Get a quote online now.

Why Should I Safeguard My Solar Panels?

A solar system is an expensive investment, so it’s vital that you ensure you get maximum return and keep your system in the best condition. You should consider bird deterrents and solar panel bird proofing for many reasons.

To Protect Your Solar Panels – Birds can cause a wide range of problems for solar panels including defects and damage which can lead to a loss of function and decrease in performance. Bird-related solar panel damage is often not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

To Prevent Damage to Your Property – Bird droppings and mess from nests not only causes expensive damage to panels, but the build-up can also cause corrosion to the roof surface which can result in roof leaks and other serious problems.

To Protect Your Family from Health Hazards – Birds are known carriers of various parasites and transmissible diseases. A build-up of droppings and nesting material can make its way into your roof cavity and into your home, as well as attract other disease-carrying pests such as mice and cockroaches.

To Prevent Noise Complaints – Pigeons and other birds are notoriously noisy while nesting, most often at night. Making the space around your solar panels a less attractive area for nesting will keep birds away and ensure no noise disturbances from your home.

Find Out More About Bird Deterrents, Repellents, and Bird Spikes – Caroline Springs

Bird Proof Solar is home for professional bird control in Melbourne. We supply and install bird proof mesh around solar panels to prevent birds from nesting and damaging your solar panels, keeping them in top condition for longer. We also offer solar panel cleaning, as well as safe and humane bird trapping. Caroline Springs homeowners can get in touch with us by calling 0455 476 555 today.

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