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Bird Proofing – Sanctuary Lakes

Want to protect your panels with effective bird netting? Sanctuary Lakes homes can trust Bird Proof Solar for professional bird control services.

A solar panel system is a significant investment, if you want to maximise its performance and longevity, you need to eliminate the risk of damage by birds. Fortunately, we can help with fast and affordable bird control. Melbourne, especially the waterside suburb of Sanctuary Lakes, is a haven for birdlife and these birds can cause significant damage to solar systems. If you want to protect your investment, speak to us today about bird control – Sanctuary Lakes locals can call us on 0455 476 555 or get a quote online now.


What is Solar Panel Bird Proofing?

Solar panel bird proofing is a control method whereby high-quality wire mesh is installed in certain areas around and under solar panels to prevent birds from gaining access.

Bird control is important for several reasons:

  • Bird droppings can cover your solar panels, reducing their performance and efficiency. These droppings are also corrosive which can cause permanent damage to your panels that is expensive to repair.
  • Birds, particularly pigeons, can pose a health risk as they are known spreaders of infectious diseases such as salmonella, histoplasmosis, and cryptococcosis.
  • Nests underneath solar panels can create a higher risk for a fire.
  • Birds attract other pests that can deteriorate the roof surface, including mice and rats.

Want to learn more about our bird netting and bird trapping? Sanctuary Lakes homeowners can speak to our friendly team today.


High-Quality Bird Deterrents – Sanctuary Lakes & Surrounding Suburbs

Our team will safely remove any unwanted guests and nests from under your solar panels and install eco-friendly, low maintenance bird proofing mesh and other measures to ensure you never have to worry about birds affecting your solar panels again. We also provide complete solar panel cleaning. Sanctuary Lakes homes can trust us for safe, effective, and humane bird deterrents, installed by an experienced and qualified team using the right equipment to ensure the best result.

  • Expert workmanship – we have over 20 years’ experience supplying innovative bird control measures.
  • Competitive rates – we strive to provide the highest level of service at the best possible value.
  • Fully licenced and insured – all of our staff are highly trained and will deliver prompt, professional and friendly service.
  • Safe and effective solutions – we utilise a variety of bird deterrents, repellents, and bird spikes. Sanctuary Lakes is home to many species of birds. As we are experienced in the local area, we will tailor an effective bird control plan to the specific requirements of your premises.

Contact us online today for a free quote or give our friendly team a call now.

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