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Solar Panel Bird Proofing – Braeside

Let Bird Proof Solar protect your solar panels from pesky pigeons!

Solar panels are a smart investment in your home’s energy efficiency and sustainability. However, they can also attract unwanted guests – birds. Birds nesting under solar panels can cause irreparable damage, reduce efficiency, and create a mess that can cause a significant health hazard and be difficult to clean. At Bird Proof Solar, we specialise in providing comprehensive bird proofing to Braeside homes, and those in the nearby suburbs of Chelsea and Dandenong. If you want to protect your panels and ensure they operate at peak performance, get in touch with us today to learn about our bird proofing, Braeside locals can call us on 0455 476 555.

Customised Solutions for Your Unique Needs

We understand that every solar installation is different. That’s why we offer a range of bird-proofing options, from physical barriers to innovative bird deterrents, tailored to the specific layout and environment of your solar panels.

Mesh and Bird Netting – Braeside homeowners will be amazed at how well our high-quality bird netting works. We use a 1mm thick stainless steel mesh, attached without drilling or screwing to protect your warranty. Polycarbonate or stainless steel hooks to secure the mesh tightly to your panels. This system is highly effective in preventing birds from accessing the area underneath – Even the strongest pigeon could not break in!

Deterrents and Bird Spikes – Braeside homes in particular parts of the suburb may require additional solutions, and we can provide a wide range. We offer bird spikes and other bird deterrents that can be installed around the perimeter of your solar panels. These humane solutions discourage birds from landing and nesting, effectively keeping them away from your solar array. One of our most popular deterrents is the Eagle Eye system which has reflective panels that send beams around the area in a menacing pattern, disorientating birds and disrupting their landing. We also provide spray-on bird repellent, Braeside locals like this as it repels birds without harming them and will not harm humans or pets.

Bird Trapping – Braeside residents who experience persistent bird-related issues even after other exclusion methods have been installed may require our bird trapping service. The trapping process may take a few weeks, but the results are long-lasting. For affordable bird trapping, Melbourne’s Bird Proof Solar is your trusted choice. Reach out to us today.

Solar Panel Cleaning – In addition to effective bird proofing, we also provide regular maintenance and solar panel cleaning services. Our team use biodegradable products safe for solar panels to remove any dirt, debris, lichen, algae or moss to ensure your panels continue to operate at their best.

Protect Your Investment for the Long Term

By safeguarding your solar panels from bird-related issues, you can maximise the lifespan and performance of your renewable energy system. Our bird proofing methods provide long-lasting protection, giving you peace of mind and a better return on your investment. For more information or for an obligation-free quote for bird control, Braeside locals can get in touch with our friendly team online or call 0455 476 555 now.


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