Solar Panel Bird Proofing​

Solar panels provide the perfect shelter for disease carrying feral pigeons. Protected from predators and the weather, it is an ideal nesting area.

Our 1mm thick stainless steel mesh will keep pigeons out! Because it is stainless steel, it comes with a manufacturers 10 year warranty.

Bird Proof Solar uses a 1mm thick stainless steel mesh to keep the birds out from under the panels. We attach the mesh to the panels without drilling or screwing, to protect your warranty. We use a polycarbonate or, stainless steel hook to secure the mesh tightly to the panels. Even the strongest pigeon could not break in! 

Prior to installing the mesh, we use a blower to clear out what we can from under the panels. We rarely get everything out, but we get what we can. We ensure that there are no live birds underneath, then we install the mesh.

Most of the time, the birds come back and hang around for a few days, trying to get back under the panels. After a while, they give up and move on.

Sometimes they find somewhere else on the roof to nest. In these situations, we have a few bird deterrent techniques that can be used.


  • Pest birds can create serious human health problems.
    Disease can be transmitted through

Direct contact

(bacteria, viruses, pathogens, germs and fungus)


(breathing in aerosolised faeces)

Mites and Lice

  • (these can live on the birds and in the nest areas)
  • Avian Chlamydiosis (Psitticosis), Salmonella, Cryptococcosis and Campylobacteriosis can all be spread by pest birds.
    Disinfecting the bird droppings and affected area will deactivate the pathogens.