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Do you want to protect your investment in solar? For professional bird proofing, Chelsea can trust Bird Proof Solar.

We provide efficient solutions in pigeon prevention and bird trapping. Chelsea homes and businesses turn to us for our experience, expertise, excellence in customer service. Our skilled technicians will help you regain control of your solar panels, by ridding them of birds and their mess, and preventing them from ever returning again. To find out more about our solar panel bird proofing service, give us a call today on 0455 476 555.

The Problem with Pigeons

Pigeons and other birds are naturally attracted to space underneath solar panels. It provides a cosy, sheltered space where they can safely nest and stay warm. Why is this a problem?

 – Birds can leave up to half a kilogram of droppings per week. These droppings have a corrosive effect on solar panels which can reduce efficiency and result in irreparable damage to your panels.

 – Pigeons and other birds are known carriers of many infectious diseases such as salmonella, histoplasmosis, and toxoplasmosis to name a few. All of these diseases can pose a significant health risk to anyone residing in the house or building below.

 – Bird nests can create a high risk for a fire underneath your panels.

 – Pigeon droppings and mess from nests can attract other pests including such as fleas, lice, mice, and mites.

Promote a healthy environment and optimise performance and longevity for your solar system by installing effective bird control. Melbourne is home to thousands of bird species, don’t let them destroy your solar system! Get in touch with us today.

Why Choose Us?

Cost-Effective Solutions – Our pigeon proofing is very affordable and beneficial to the longevity of your system.

We’re local – We have a team of experts who are familiar with the local area and the different types of birds that live there. We can tailor a bird prevention program to your needs.

Innovative products – We use the latest equipment to remove birds safely and prevent them returning. We utilise a range of bird deterrents, including durable bird netting, sprays, and bird repellent. Chelsea homes and businesses may require a combination of products for the best result.

Fast turnaround – Our responsive team are highly efficient in the installation of bird deterrents. Chelsea and the surrounding suburbs are serviced by our team frequently.

Solar panel cleaning – We use filtered water to clean panels for a streak free finish.

Get a Quote for Bird Proofing or Solar Panel Cleaning Today

Birds can cause a considerable damage to your solar system if they are not adequately managed. They can destroy your panels, threaten your health and property, and cause many other problems. Don’t let them get the better of your home or commercial building, get in touch with us today! Call 0455 476 555 or get a quote online now.


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