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PVC coated galvanised mesh keeps birds out!



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Bird Proof Solar supplies and installs bird proof mesh around solar panels.
Birds, especially pigeons like to nest and roost under the panels, where they feel safe.
The solar panels can become littered with dry grass, rubbish, eggs and dead birds.
This poses both a fire and health risk. Gutters can also become full from pigeon droppings and lead toi flooding.
We use a powerful vacuum and leaf blower to clean out as much mess as possible from under the panels.
We then install a PVC coated galvanised wire mesh to keep the birds out.
We use heavy duty clips to secure the mesh, without any drilling or screwing to the panels. (*drilling into the panels can void your warranty!)

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From The Start!

From The Start!

The customer at this job in Blackburn was smart enough to put up the bird proof mesh right from the start. No point waiting until the birds have nested under the panels and made a huge mess!

Bird Proof Solar require a new staff member

Bird Proof Solar require a new staff member

Bird Proof Solar require a new staff member to operate in Melbourne’s Western suburbs. We supply and install bird proof mesh on solar panels. We also clean solar panels and gutters. Applicants should be self motivated and able to work on their own. A full drivers...

Dirty Solar Panels

Dirty Solar Panels

Dirty solar panels are less efficient at producing power.Panels can become dirty due to dust, pollution, fires, trees and birds.We use filtered water (less than one solid particle per million) to clean the panels without streaking.We don’t use any chemicals or...

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